Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Starring: Dhanush, Shruthi Haasan Direction: Aishwarya DhanushMusic: AnirudhProduction: Vimala Geetha

3 defined the meaning for the word viral in Tamil cinema and provided a whole new definition for social media marketing. Dhanush made the entire nation croon for his 'why this kolaveri di' and became a nationwide phenomenon overnight. While this happened in the latter part of last year as a precursor to 3's release, rest assured the national media will cover the movie's opening as well.

3 is sort of Dhanush's family film. This romance is directed by his wife Aishwarya and produced by Kasthuri Raja his dad. Written and directed by Aishwarya, the movie has another star kid Shruti Haasan playing Dhanush's lead. Anirudh's music has already generated enough chartbusters, other than the kolaveri di number.

Other than co-writing and performing why this kolaveri di, Dhanush has also written most of the songs in the album. There are 10 songs in the album and they are slowly gaining recognition among fans, the popularity of which will be further boosted after the movie's release.

3 is also being released in Hindi, as a dubbed version. Curiously, Dhanush mentioned in an interview that this would be his only film in Aishwarya's direction. Although we do not know what that means, a change of mind can definitely happen on that decision depending on the success of the film.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor   
Direction: Sriram RaghavanMusic: Pritam ChakrabortyProduction:
 Saif Ali Khan, Dinesh Vijan
Saif Ali Khan returns to action after ‘Aarakshan’ and he is backed by his beau and current box-office queen Kareena Kapoor and director Sriram Raghavan (of ‘Johnny Gaddar’ fame). There is a solid technical team comprising music director Pritam and DOP C.K. Muraleedharan. This offering by Eros and Illuminati Films hit the screens amid decent expectations and hype. Has it lived up to it?

The movie about an Indian RAW agent Vinod Khanna taking on a number of villains to prevent a nuclear device from detonating in the capital of our country. The culprits are not the obvious ones and there are some big fishes playing in these murky waters of terrorism.

The storyline has been treated on a very grand scale. The movie takes the audience to various places and different countries, which include Afghanistan, Russia, Germany, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, India and South Africa. Saif Ali Khan has really excelled in stunts. Saif Ali Khan is very agile and his beefed-up, rugged avatar makes him a perfect suit for this action packed role in which he has excelled. His histrionics in the end credits song are admirable.

Kareena is grim for most of the movie but scorches the screen in the Mujra number along with Maryam Zakaria. Kareena’s return to her curvy best literally sets the screen on fire. She carries off her glamorous clothes with style and she also has a decent and crucial role in the state of affairs. Her acting credentials aren’t put to much test. But, she is definitely a trump card for the movie.

The villains in the movie are pretty weak except the Colonel who puts up some good obstacles in the Agent’s path. Ram Kapoor and Prem Chopra are the villains in the Russian and Moroccan leg of the movie. They appear to be more funny than fearsome.

The songs have been used to take the movie forward and do not hamper the flow of the movie. The BG score is pretty pulsating and ‘The Good The Bad The Ugly’ seems to have inspired the director as is evident from the title card. The ‘trippy’ opening credits have a heavy Guy Ritchie feel to them. The editing pattern at places is very interesting.

The movie has a pretty laborious pace at places but, on the whole it is a decent watch for sure. The grand production values, the heavy duty action scenes, the almost blemish-less VFX work (except for the helicopter shots in the climax) and the grand scale of the movie make ‘Agent Vinod’ a watch-worthy affair. While coming out, you might even feel like checking it out for a second time.

The movie ends with the premise for a sequel and it should be exciting given the decent showing of this outing. ‘Agent Vinod’ is directed primarily at the city slickers and the ‘action’ minded. Single screen audiences don’t have much in this for them except the ‘mujra’ number.

Though there’s some amateurish feel at certain places, however, tt can be excused.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Ways to Search and Find New Android Apps

5 Ways to Search and Find New Android Apps:
Android as a mobile OS has grown in popularity over the past few years and is it now one of the best available mobile OS with millions of handsets activated. Android is also popular when it comes to apps as well. There are hundreds of new apps added to the Android market every day, both free and paid versions available. But its often difficult to find the best apps for your needs once you have a good Android phone.
Here are some of the best sites to search and find new Android apps. These act as a directory where you can get a glimpse of the app in screenshot and a small description on the app. There are also options to install it by sending the link to phone or using QR codes. Bookmark these sites based on which suites you the best.
1. Google Play:
Google Play is the official app market for all Android phones, you can download free apps, purchase new ones and also track the list of apps you have installed. You can also directly install the apps from the Google Play website. But what lacks in Google Play is no option to search for newly added paid and free apps. The list comes only for top free and paid app, although it is categorized.
Google Play
2. AppBrain:
App Brain is another good site to search and find best Android apps for your phone. Unlike Google Play, AppBrain offers more features in terms of searching apps, which includes top rated apps for a particular day, week and all time popular. AppBrain features search, rankings, categories, screenshots, related apps and also the simplest of UI.
App Brain
3. Androlib
The site has fully categorized apps and contains user reviews, screenshots, QR codes for downloads. It also shows pretty much accurate stats for number of downloads and star rating available on Android’s 5-star scale. The UI of the website isn’t very impressive, but a good alternative to default market.
4. App Store HQ:
This is yet another good website to search and discover new apps. It features search, browsing by category, screenshots, QR codes, etc and one of the unique features is the reviews of the app from other sources. You can also find the hottest apps, the apps which are mentioned across the world and on social sites.
appstore HQ
5. Android Zoom:
This site allows you to search apps by category and install them via QR codes. There is also section to find the pros and cons of the app before actually downloading it. The site has user comments, which means you can check out the feedback from users having tried the app. You can also see the most viewed app as well as the most downloaded app.
Android Zoom
Which service do you use to search and discover new Android apps? Share your thoughts!